“Hurricane Matthew” – Latest update by NBC-2 Weather Team.

Regardless of Matthew’s brief downward trend, it remains a powerful category 3 hurricane moving toward Florida and is expected to be able to grow stronger before getting closer to the state.
Though the worst of the weather in connection with Matthew will be on the east coast of the peninsula, earlier today the National Weather Service expanded the tropical weather alerts in Southwest Florida in advent of Matthew’s push toward the state.

The expanded alerts means as of the Lee, coastal Collier, Charlotte and DeSoto counties are under a tropical storm watch.

A tropical storm watch means tropical storm-force winds are possible in the advised areas within the next 48 hours. In the case of incoming Hurricane Matthew, this means tropical storm force wind conditions are possible in the advised counties by Thursday evening.
·        Check your disaster supplies. Replace if needed
·        Ensure all your windows doors are closed and locked. Always be safe by securing your hurricane shutters if available or board up all windows & doors with plywood.
·        Secure your exterior home. Bring inside any potential flying hazards that can be lifted by the strong wind: ex: lawn furniture, garbage pails, loose branches, bicycles
·        Fill all automobiles with fuel
·        Keep small dollar bills in case of a power outage
·        Turn your refrigerator & freezer to the coldest setting (in case of outage, food will last longer)
·        Fill all prescription medications
·        Locate your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Understand your coverage depending on type of storm: Hurricane Deductibles might be higher than an common insurance claim. Do you have Flood Insurance?
o   Keep these documents in a safe place:
o   Insurance Carrier – for Homeowners/Hurricane and Flood Policy (These might be 2 separate policies)
o   Claim Center Contact Phone Number
o   Policy Number
o   Separate policy for Flood Damage
o   Insurance Agent Contact Numbers
·        Call Erickson’s Drying Systems before the storm hits, to ensure you are placed on our “Preferred Customer List” Phone# 866-277-7744 or 239-277-7744 or website: www.ericksonsdrying.com or email contact information to: info@ericksonsdrying.com (I would call first, then email to confirm)
o   If your home unfortunately gets struck by Disaster, Please Call The Erickson’s Emergency Team for assistance.

As a courtesy we have created a “Hurricane Checklist” that you can download and print by clicking here to help you prepare for this year’s Hurricane Season.

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