Trauma Scene – Biohazard Clean Up

For immediate response 24 Hours a day/ 7 Days a week call 1-866-277-7744

Erickson’s is a full service trauma scene and biohazard cleanup services provider.

Erickson’s relieves homeowners, Property managers, family and friends from having to deal with the emotional trauma and dangerous
hazards that are associated with biohazard, trauma scene cleanup. 

  Rental Property

• Bio-cleanup for individuals involved in tragic situations
• Certified technicians in Biohazard Cleaning and decontamination
• This type of work is not for everyone – Erickson’s only hires the best people
• Erickson’s can completely recover any scene or situation that you may unfortunately be faced with

Erickson’s provides biohazard cleanup services for:

o Natural Death
o Blood, bodily fluids, urine or feces
o Body Decompositions
o Trauma accidents
o Homicides
o Suicides
o Chemical Clean-up
o Disinfecting Trashed Units
o Odor
o Gross Living / Hoarding

o Once on scene we provide the following services
o Deodorizing
o Odor Control
o Remove Contaminated materials Boxed and Disposal
o Video/Pictures for itemization insurance purposes
o Decontamination
o Disinfection
o Containment, Transport and disposal of all Biohazards

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