It’s finally here… spring!

Most homeowners use the spring season to clean up the house, going through closets and drawers and even cleaning out the garage.

Most schedule in-home necessary services, such as professional carpet cleaning, so don’t forget that important part of your spring cleaning routine.

What most don’t think about is spring cleaning on the outside of the home. That’s right. Although most spring cleaning chores are performed inside the home, the outside needs some attention as well.

Some outside areas are neglected all winter, obviously, especially for colder climates when everything is covered in ice and snow. Think about the street in front of your home. If you go take a look, you will probably find all kinds of unsightly clutter and debris.

Take a tour of your yard. Although you raked up all those leaves from last fall, it’s amazing how they seem to reappear during the winter. (Yes, you can blame your neighbors for that.) On top of that are twigs and branches that the cold winter tossed into your yard. Most likely, you will find a bit of trash taking up residence in the back of your home, where the wind deposited it all.

Look closely at the exterior of your home, such as the siding or brick. Chances are, mold or mildew has taken residence along with other soils. A good pressure washing could be part of your spring cleaning campaign.

No one wants to wash windows but it’s a necessary task. Don’t do just the inside. Get a stepladder (but keep it safe!) and give those windows a good scrubbing. Your local hardware store no doubt has the professional-type scrubbing tools plus handy squeegees. Don’t want to tackle this task? Hire a window washing pro.

It’s spring! Get out there and shine things up.

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