1467350_orig Have you ever walked or drove down a road and came across a sign that declared, “Floodplain Zone!” If it was near your home, you might have panicked. But if it was somewhere far from your home, you felt safe. A floodplain can be dangerous because any home in or near one is subject to flooding. If you have a basement, you have more to worry about. But did you know that even if you live outside a floodplain, there are flooding issues that you must be aware of? That’s right. According to some expert sources, up to 1/3 of flood damage occurs outside designated flood areas. A flood in your home can occur from outside sources… or even inside sources. What can you do right now to be safe? 1.    Ensure that your basement is moisture free. Ask for an inspection from an honest and reputable basement waterproofing company. 2.    Talk to your plumber about sewer backflow valves. These can really protect your home in the event of a sewer flooding event in your neighborhood. 3.    And while talking to your plumber, have him take a look at your sump pump. If that fails, you are in trouble! 4.    When you travel, consider turning off the main water supply to your entire home. But even if you don’t do that, be sure to turn off both hot and cold water supplies to your washing machine. For some reason, those break first! Play it safe. Talk to the experts about how safe you really are and how healthy your current insurance plan is. And keep Erickson’s Drying System’s number on speed dial — just in case!

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