From The National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Isaac is forecast to continue strengthening steadily as it moves through the northern Lesser Antilles on Wednesday and into the northeast Caribbean by Thursday. Isaac could become a hurricane as early as Thursday.

Residents and visitors of the northern Caribbean, Yucatan Peninsula, southeastern United States and the central/eastern Gulf Coast should watch the progress of Isaac closely over the next week or more.

Tropical Stornm Isaac

The bottom line is that if you live along the central and eastern Gulf Coast or in the southeastern United States, you should stay tuned into next week as the forecast becomes more certain and the exact impacts become more clear. South Florida could be one of the first locations affected as early as late this weekend or early Monday if the sooner turn north scenario above pans out.

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As a courtesy we have created a “Hurricane Checklist” that you can download and print by clicking here to help you prepare for this year’s Hurricane Season.


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