Erickson’s Drying Systems is a fully certified mold remediator through the Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) and Council-Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS).  Our professionally trained technicians can cure any mold issues – from the beginning stages of identifying the problem to the end result of a mold-free environment.

When a person feels ills they may not immediately consider the cause to be mold.  Mold can and does cause serious health problems in many people.

Exposure to mold has several symptoms including:

  • A skin rash:  Although you may think that the skin can      only become inflamed by direct contact with the mold this isn’t always the      case.  You can develop redness in      your skin simply from inhaling the fumes from the mold.
  • Eye irritation:  Mold can cause both redness and watering      of the eyes. During the spring months, many people associate this with seasonal      allergies when in actuality the cause is the mold within their home or      office.
  • Headaches:Breathing in mold can cause headaches in      some people.  This is especially      true of people who suffer with migraines.       They are very sensitive to certain stimulants and mold can be one      of them.
  • Feeling tired:  Feeling tired for several days in a row,      even when you are getting adequate sleep can be a symptom of mold      exposure.
  • Sore throat:  Experiencing a raw feeling when      swallowing, or hoarseness when speaking, are both indicative of mold      exposure.  Spores can become lodged      in the throat and irritate the sensitive membranes.
  • Shortness of breath:  Breathing in mold spores can cause      respiratory difficulties in some people.       This is especially prevalent in those with allergies.They may even develop asthma or may have      asthma and not realize that their asthma attacks are being trigged by the      mold in their homes.
  • Runny nose or sinuses:  If you are constantly reaching for a      tissue to catch your runny nose this can also be a strong symptom of mold      exposure.  This can be triggered      either by an allergy to the mold spores or the membranes of the nose      become irritated by the spores.In      either case, you may again misdiagnose yourself as having a head cold or      seasonal allergies, but if the runny nose persists, consider that the      source may indeed be mold.
  • Bleeding nose: Although this symptom is rare, it does      occur.  Some people are more      sensitive to certain allergens and those offending irritants cause severe      reactions.One of these reactions      can be damage to the membranes of the nose resulting in regular      bleeding.  If this is happening to you,      it can be caused by mold within your home

Do You Suffer From Mold Exposure Symptoms?

If you realize that you suffer from several or all of these symptoms on a regular basis, it’s advisable that you inspect your home for mold.  It’s also wise to track how your symptoms occur.

If you leave your home each day to work and notice that you feel better during the day, this can be a clear indicator that something in your home is causing your distress.

The same can be said if you travel and find yourself in better health then.  Your home shouldn’t make you sick and finding and treating the mold problem will ensure that doesn’t happen.


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