The best time to setup and maintain a home safety list is at the start or end of each year. Many people use this time to set new resolutions and look forward to changes made now. This is a great time to add in updating your families fire safety plans and checking that things are setup properly and safely. It is a great way to start out the new year knowing your family safety is taken care of as a priority.

Fire Safety Inside Of Your Home

  • All electrical panels should be clear of obstructions including storage items.
  • All circuit breakers should be functional and never taped or secured into an on position. If you have a breaker that has been tripping now is the time to have an electrician check the problem.
  • Check that all electrical outlets are working properly and that the plates are in good condition.
  • Check small appliances in the home and extension cords, surge protection devices for breaks or tears in the cords.
  • Check the operation of all smoke alarms in the home and replace all batteries once a year.
  • Check the inspection date of fire extinguishers. Have them renewed and make sure every family member, babysitters, and guests know where they are located.
  • Go over your family evacuation routes, two ways out of each room. Practice all routes and know your family meeting place outside of the home.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to dial 9-1-1 and where the phone is located.
  • If you have a fireplace you should have it checked and cleaned at least once annually.

Fire Safety Outside The Home

  • In Florida green things grow quickly, check that your house address is visible from the street.
  • Verify that all doorways into and out of your home are clear of debris and easily accessible for evacuation.
  • Test that all windows open properly and that they can be accessed both by those inside the home and rescuers from the outside.
  • Make sure all trash receptacles are stored more than five feet from combustible walls, openings or combustible roof eave lines.
  • Make sure all air conditioning, heating, gas shutoff valves are free of weeds and debris and accessible in an emergency.
  • Do you have an established meeting place outside of the home in the event of a fire and do all family members know what that location is?

Pool Safety

  • Check that all safety flotation devices are in good working condition. Replace any faulty or broken items.
  • Walk the pool safety fence to be sure it is secure and not in need of repair.
  • Walk the pool deck to make sure there are no cracks, loose areas or sharp areas.
  • Make sure everyone in the home knows how to operate the safety devices and that everyone can swim to safety.
  • Make sure safety rules are known and that everyone knows not to swim alone.

Home Security

  • Check that all locks and door handles are in good working condition. Replace broken devices or upgrade if needed.
  • Check that all windows have locking mechanisms that work and that all family members know how to open them.
  • Go over security system rules, make sure the system is in good working order and that all family members know when and how to alarm the system.
  • Create a special family emergency pass phrase and change it each year.
  • Make sure smaller family members know their address, phone and full name of parents and grandparents.
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