Mold can be found almost anywhere.

When there is unwanted water or excessive moisture within your home or business, that is left unaddressed – mold growth will often occur. In some cases, indoor mold growth may not be obvious.

It is possible that mold might be growing behind drywall, underneath carpet and padding, behind cabinets or inside your air handler unit.To prevent mold growth, you need to prevent the conditions in which mold grows. Any situation of water damage within your porperty must be taken care of immediately.

The urgency of removing unwanted water within building materials will determine how extensive the mold will grow. Materials left saturated for only 48 hours can become a breeding ground for toxic mold, a health hazard for you, your family or work place.

If your home or business is effected by mold or an unfortunate situation that might require biohazard cleanup Erickson’s can remediate your problem from start to finish.

Our distinguished history has a solid reputation of stability and integrity. Our projects have made us leaders in our field.

24 HR Water Removal