As a victim of fire damage you have the immediate effects of the emotional stress involved in trying to put your life back together. The selection of an emergency board up service and a restoration company is detrimental to your peace of mind.

From the first contact with you Erickson’s is dedicated to working with you to get your life back together. We have specialists trained in smoke removal from hard surfaces (your walls, flooring and cabinetry) and soft surfaces (rugs, upholstery, clothing) and even delicate items such as fine-art or electronics.

Along with board up services (securing the property from unwanted entrance and liability) we also offer pack-out services (removing your belongings and securing them from theft or additional or on-going damage).

Erickson’s takes great pride in assuring the homeowner/ client what needs to be done, in order to get your life back to normal, as fast as possible.

We are a licensed general contractor with the staff and resources to remodel and reconstruct your home or business.

Visit our website for more information about board-up or fire damage/ reconstruction services.

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