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June 6, 2017

I used Erickson’s when we had a flood from our downstairs bathroom.  The flood happened just days before we were leaving for vacation so it was certainly not something we wanted to deal with or pay for.

It was around 8pm and when I walked downstairs and stepped into water (that covered my foot), my first instinct was to find out the source of the water and then I immediately thought of Erickson’s to remove the water.

I called the number and their emergency on-call service helped me right away.  They sent a tech over in less than an hour.
They got the water cleaned up and installed fans to dry out the downstairs floor.

The next day, they came back and checked to see how bad the water damage was.  Unfortunately, we were not spared.  The water had gotten into the drywall and the insulation soaked it up like a sponge and it wasn’t able to dry out.  We had to have the baseboards, drywall and insulation removed from the affected walls about halfway up the walls to keep the water from continuing to cause damage.

After our insurance adjuster came out, we contacted Erickson’s again to help us with the repair.  They did a fantastic job and had everything ready to start as soon as we returned from vacation.  Their repair team was quick, thorough and did a wonderful job patching the walls so it looked seamless.

The process was certainly not one I would want to do again but the assistance we received from Erickson’s made the entire process much less stressful.


Jamie Lampitt

March 23, 2017

Kenny & Christine,

Al and I would like to thank you for all that you did for us during the “AC Air Scare” a few weeks ago. Your time on a Saturday and the call follow-ups were above and beyond!

We’re so grateful Jim S. referred you to us! I wrote up 5**** reviews for your company on Angie’s List, Yelp, and Google!

All the best,
Paula and Al G.
Cape Coral

February 14, 2017

We used your services when I started working for Gulf Gate Apartments. They are fast to respond, schedule, and take care of emergencies. Our technician does an amazing job on our carpets! [We receive] great customer service for our staff and residents. We get compliments all the time. A great job cleaning and has the right knowledge.

Jessica S.
Property Manager

January 2, 2017

To: Erickson’s Drying Systems,

Recently I had a water problem at the plaza I manage. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Erickson’s for their quick response to the situation. And a special thanks to David Beauregard, their technician and specialist.

David handled the problem professionally and put my anxiety at ease. He was very informative and explained what needed to be done, and how he was going to do it. His crew also worked very hard in removing any of the damaged material in a clean and timely manner.

Dealing with a reliable and professional company such as yours makes for a positive experience.

This is the second time I needed to use Erickson’s, and I would highly recommend them.

Thank you for a professional and successful project.

Diane R.
Property Manager

August 11th, 2014

Good afternoon Kenny,

All too often people will voice their opinion when they are unsatisfied, but neglect to give the positive feedback. I just realized I have been guilty of such, but it’s about to change.

Brian Reeves is the best carpet cleaning technician I have ever had, in the 14 years I have been in this industry. He is a true asset to Erickson’s Drying Systems. Brian is always in good spirits, is professional and he does an excellent job. It is evident that he takes pride in his work and he wants to be sure that the client is happy with the service he provides. Always going above and beyond the call, Brian is sure to ask what is expected of him, if there is anything else he can do and communicates clearly if anything arises that isn’t planned for. In addition to what I have experienced, my residents have also informed me of what an excellent job he has done upon their renewal carpet cleaning. You truly have a winner and I thought you should know.

While I’m on the subject of praise, I also want to express my sincere gratitude for all that Estela does. She is no less than exceptional at what she does. Whether it’s scheduling, customer service or billing, she is efficient, timely, accurate, professional and friendly. You can especially tell when she goes on vacation – we miss her terribly.

All in all, you have 2 outstanding employees that deserve a standing ovation… and a raise if they haven’t had one recently!

Thank you for employing them and I hope to continue to deal with them for as long as possible.


Jessica E | Property Manager

March 12th, 2014

It was our misfortune to have a sprinkler go off in our condo in Fort Myers while repairs were being done to our air conditioner in 2013.

We live in Ontario, Canada and were obviously upset and in a state of panic about the condo as we had just recently purchased it a year or so earlier and had replaced the carpet, painted and all the furnishings were new.

We were referred to Erickson’s and a crew under the supervision of Max Esposito arrived within an hour to start drying out the carpets, moving furniture and removing trim to get at the wet areas. He recommended Daniel Robinson for the restoration. Following the dry out we had the good fortune to have Daniel Robinson take over to quote on and supervise the restoration.

Let me start off by saying that Daniel Robinson is a tremendous credit to your company! His honesty, integrity and product knowledge served us well. He managed his crews in an efficient manner and oversaw all of the work being done.

Without his perseverance in dealing with our insurance company, and going to bat for us every step of the way, it would not have been a happy ending.

The insurance company refused, from day one, to replace the tile in the hall, kitchen and bathroom because they told us the flood water would not hurt the tile. Fair enough, but Daniel insisted that the cork underlay would be wet and it would cause mould to form on the floor and back of the tile. We had no extra tile but he eventually pulled up a tile under the cupboards and sure enough, mould had started to form. This took months to resolve with the insurance company and if he had not been so pro-active and tenacious we would be dealing with mould problems by now.

We want to adopt him and make him an honorary Canadian.

We give him all the credit for dealing with the insurance company in a professional manner and for putting our condo back together better than it was!! We would be pleased to provide a reference for him to anyone considering him for their restoration. Daniel you’re the greatest.

Dan and Karen Henderson

March 4th, 2014

From the very beginning of my nightmare flood, David continued to reassure me with gentle care, compassion for my ordeal, and step by step description of what he was doing, going to do, and the desired outcome he expected to achieve.
His continued extraction/drying out process continued over 3 to 4 days of work at my house and follow up visits sometimes 2 and 3 times daily-always preceded with a phone call to let me know his schedule and approximately what time he planned to be back to the house. If he was detained for any reason, he phoned to let me know.
David moved furniture, swept up after taking out baseboard, and mopped the floors after all equipment was removed.
David was very patient in answering all of my questions as he proceeded with the work and encouraged me to phone him if I had any questions/concerns at any time–always very exceptional professionalism!
I have nothing but the highest praise for David and the Erickson Company for what was done for me. Out of a ten star rating for top performance–David is a 100!
I will never hesitate to recommend David and the Erickson Company!


Nan Biemiller

February 6th, 2014

Dear David:

Thank you, once again, for the excellent work performed at our home.

Your punctuality, customer service, professionalism and work performance was outstanding.

You truly exceeded our expectations.!!

Rest assured, I will gladly recommend Erickson’s Drying Systems to my family and friends.


Ron Budra

November 21st, 2013

Dear Erickson’s,

On a true disaster scale our crisis wouldn’t rate, but when our plumbing emergency was underway your team responded perfectly. Max and John took command swiftly to begin removing water that flooded every room of our home. They were quick to reassure us that the incident was manageable and as they worked, they set expectations for the days ahead.

Mercifully the flood water was clean, but our situation was special because we have a lung transplant recipient in the household who is highly susceptible to infection.
Having a history of transplant in his family, Max understood the need to completely dry out the environment and avoid the chance of mold so that our home was safe for my husband’s return. An air scrubber was among the many machines that went to work day one.

Max’s presence during the insurance adjuster’s visit ensured that no damage was overlooked and for that we are thankful.

Our displacement was short and much rebuilding remains, but I am confident that all health measures were taken to ensure a safe environment from which to restore order.

The mechanics of remediation can be taught, but your team displayed a personal finesse that only comes from good human character. That calm, compassionate demeanor and use of gentle humor gained our trust at a time when we felt vulnerable and for that we will be forever grateful.

Kathleen & Vern

November 14th, 2013

To Whom It Concern,

Both my husband, Roger and I would like to express our Thanks to Sean. He was very professional and courteous, explaining in detail what he was going to do and how. He took the time to explain that the chemical used, may irritate us, so we both opted to leave during the whole process. We didn’t think twice to entrust our home on Bienvenida Court to him. He did a beautiful job.

He has already given us an estimate for our other condo in Gulf Harbour in Tamarind Cay. We intend to rent it out during the season, therefore we’ll hold off on the tile cleaning. When ready we’ll definitely call Sean again.

With Much Appreciation,
Diane Vaught

October 29th, 2013

Good Morning David,

The service that you provide was excellent! You kept me informed on what was accruing, sent pictures and explained in details so I could explain to the owner. The tenants were also satisfied on how quickly the situation was rectified. Thanks again for all your help 

Have a great day.

Thank you,

October 28th, 2013


Although I would have preferred not work with Ericksons (because I didn’t want mold) I appreciated all you have done thus far. Specifically, I appreciated your proactive response and keeping me in the loop. Not being down to there to view the work completed I will have to trust that the work was done well. Thank you for your help.


September 23rd, 2013

David, I apologize for not answering sooner. Your communication has been excellent. Your communication was both verbal and visual, showing me what you were doing and the results of your testing for water. I’m sure I asked the same questions more than once, but you were always patient and explained things thoroughly. I appreciate your communication with my son who is helping me with this issue. He was impressed with the video you sent him demonstrating the hot air tunnel you used in both the living room and my bedroom.

Your punctuality goes along with your communication because you always called ahead and let me know when you were coming. I appreciate your timeliness in responding to my phone call and texts.

Your customer service and professionalism were great. You constantly reminded me that you were working for me and that your goal was to protect my property. I feel that you have done this in performing your job in the least invasive way possible. I have been pleased with your performance as well as that of your co-workers Jeff and Jason.

Thank you,

Sandra Chancy

April 25th, 2013

To Whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ericksons Drying Company for quite some time. Since I am a rental Manager for a large number of owners, you can imagine that I have seen a number of floods in my time. Although I have at times gone to other suppliers I always come back to Ericksons because they are simply the best at what they do. Recently I had the need for their services in a serious 2 unit flood with fairly extensive damage. To make matter4s worse, I had tenants in one of the units and an owner in the other. Within hours of my call, Ericksons had people on the scene to begin the remedy. The units were dried out and repaired in record time to both my satisfaction, and the owners. At all times I was kept abreast of the status by office personnel and the actual supervisor in charge of the work being done. As you can imagine, my time is a valuable commodity to me and the folks at Ericksons not only did not waste it by making me chase them, but were very proactive and professional by contacting me regularly with updates.

As both a professional property manager, and a homeowner myself, I cannot not recommend Ericksons highly enough, nor would I consider using any other company in the future.

Art Suskevich

April 25th, 2013

Just wanted to pass along what great service Roy Silva is providing at my home in Port Charlotte.
He went out of his way to fix my leaking kitchen sink and has followed up on the work done by
other contractors. He is professional and informative and explaining problems and what I can expect next
in the restoration of my home.

Thanks Again,
Christine Susko

March 22, 2013

I just want to express my thanks & appreciation for the job that Erickson’s did in my Condo. I especially want to Thank Roy Silva for a job well done. He stayed right on it & never ever refused to call me back when I had a question, what a really nice man to do business with. He is a fine young man, so nice & polite at all times. Erickson’s should be proud to have Roy represent their Co. I respect him to the fullest & all I can say is: JOB WELL DONE. Thanks to Roy

Lucy Wilson

Jan 3rd, 2013

Hello again Roy,
I have finally gotten around to completing my task list from last year.. and I wanted to tell you how pleased I have been with all the work and assistance you have given me in getting this condo back together after the flood…. You always followed through on everything you said you would do or organize, and that is an admirable trait for “customer service” satisfaction. …The workman were always courteous and accomodating but hard working and careful about their tasks…
Thank you again for your attention.

Thank You,
Gail Harrington

Nov 5th, 2012

Hi Roy,

Just a quick note to say “Thanks” for the great restoration job on my condo after the sprinkler head developed a leak. I would definately use Ericksons again and recommend the company to my friends who may have a water problem in the future.

Ray Osthus

Nov 2nd, 2012

Dear Mr. Erickson:

I am writing to express the gratitude of my wife and myself for the job done by Erickson’s Drying System in the wake of the early summer water leak that damaged our home on Sanibel.

Although your firm had to await the go ahead from our insurance company, once that was in place, the work of your team was outstanding. I would like to single out Daniel Robinson for his handling of the insurance relations that got the job started.

On site, the cabinet worker Kyle did a terrific job on the woodwork.

Above all, we are grateful to Roy Silva for his oversight of the project. Roy was always available to answer our questions and address our concerns. He paid meticulous attention to every detail of the project, right down to the final removal of the lock box. The result is a house restored 100% to its condition prior to this incident.

Erickson’s was recommended to us by our rental/management firm, Island Vacations. You can be sure that in the future I will convey that recommendation to anyone who needs your firm’s services.


Ronald M. Green

September 20th, 2012

Hi Roy, just want to thank you so much to be so committed in addressing the problems that we have on our properties so fast and efficiently. I really appreciate all your help in getting into my worker order so quickly.
You’ve been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for these past few years I know you.
I am very appreciative of your assistance and looking forward to continuing to work together.

Vania Peal

September 4th, 2012

Hi Roy:

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the way you and Erickson handled the recent water damage at my condo. All of your people were courteous, efficient, and pleasant to deal with.You were most accommodating and I thank you for that.

Stan Lewis

August 9th, 2012

Dan- I am very impressed with your company’s efficiency and timeliness. Your work on my condo was really well done. I would recommend Ericksons to friends and relatives.

Thomas Sanders

July 10th, 2012

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I have been meaning to send this e-mail for several weeks but it seems like we have a disaster popping up every week!

Anyway, the purpose of my letter is to let you know how happy we have been with the service provided to us by your company. I appreciated your taking the time out early in the remodeling project to come out and listen to our ideas. I also wanted you to know that Roy and David have been awesome. Any time that I had a question, concern or issue, it was addressed immediately. My phone calls and texts were always answered, and that in itself is unheard of in your business.

Roy was extremely helpful and took the time to offer suggestions to us to help with our repairs. He also was on top of every step that your subs took in this process. I especially appreciate all the little touches he provided even though it was not part of his job. His attention to detail meant a lot to me. He was always a step ahead of me to guarantee that the work was dine properly and in a timely manner. He also took time out of his busy schedule to try to help me resolve our mysterious high water bill issue. I know it was not part of his job but he did it willingly and it meant a lot to me.

Dave has been wonderful to work with. He was very patient as he took us through the remediation, reconstruction and remodel process. I appreciated the time he took to walk me through the insurance claim and to explain the “how and why” of what was covered. He really took a lot of time to help me with all the little details of the remodel of our bar room. There were a lot of evenings that he stopped by our house to go over any concerns that we had and solved any issues that came up. He even came by on a weekend to ensure that the granite work was done properly. Dave worked extremely hard to make sure that the deadlines were met and that I was happy with the end result.

Both of these men work very hard and really care about their customers. They definitely represented your company very well. I hope that you give them some recognition for their outstanding service. I would definitely recommend you to people I know.

Thank you for all your help.


June Miller

April 9th, 2012

Last Tuesday morning my wife and I were awakened to noises emanating from the adjacent condo unit at approximately 5:30 AM. A massive water leak in the newly renovated kitchen next door was the water source and that water leak affected a total of nine condo units.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the courteous treatment that my wife and I received from Max and Jeff. This has been a most unpleasant and unfortunate experience to have to deal with, particularly as we just finished a six month renovation project in our condo. Your men worked all day that first day to stabilize the water damage and followed up for the next three days with their equipment and removal of damaged material.

Both Max and Jeff were very professional in their explaining in detail what actions they were taking to dry out our unit and answered all of
our questions to our satisfaction. Today they removed the last remaining equipment and conducted the final meter testing. Having been in a sales and service business in my career, I am always pleased to say “thank you” for professional and courteous service that I have received.


Ed Paxton
Placida, Fl.

March 21st, 2012

Dear Mr. Silva:

Working with Erickson’s team of employees was a pleasure. All workers were respectful and performed the fire restoration in a professional and timely manner.

The fire was a very traumatic event and my gratitude goes out to yourself and to all of Erickson’s conscientious employees. Erickson’s diligence and ability to coordinate with Northern Trust Bank’s Special Projects team member Amanda Trammel, Guardian, Elaine Schmidt and myself was particularly a difficult challenge; however, you managed to complete the entire project with all of our greatest expectations.

I would like to also thank you for your management of my personal belongings, the cleaning and restoration work was perfect. The upgrades to the marble counter tops, bathroom tile, lighting fixtures and kitchen hardware was a wonderful surprise.

I would highly recommend Erickson’s to anyone who requires construction work for fire damage and specialty work. Thank you for the comforting closure Erickson’s provided to the disaster Northern Trust Bank and Rindge Holdings, LCC. faced.

Thank you again for the personal touch and professional work.


Stacie Rindge

February 17th, 2012

Hi Roy,

I just wanted to thank you and Dan for a job that was done in a timely manner and without disruption to us. Everything was scheduled ahead of time and I was aware of what was going on. Everything looks great.


December 1st, 2011

David, I am so glad that I contacted Ericksons when I had my water problem. Your company was quick to respond,
and I couldn’t have asked for a better man to show up than Max. Not only was he pleasant, sympathic, and knowledgeable,
but offered to help in any way he could. He is a treasure, and a very fine representative for your company. I feel that my
terrible situation was handled perfectly, and if ever I should be in that situation again, I would call Ericksons. Everyone that
I have met from you company has been outstanding. Thank you for your wonderful company, and MAX.


December 1st, 2011

I have had a couple of experiences with Erickson’s in the past month. I have received some of the best customer service I have ever received in my life. Any request I have made has been met, anytime I call I am helped instantly, my questions are answered right away. The customer service has been over the top. I have had to ask for some info to be emailed to me & it is always sent to me very very promptly. I can’t say enough good about this company & all of the employees I have had the pleasure to work with. Hats off to an amazing company!

Tara Manning

November 30th, 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for doing such a great job. I am pleased with the results of the completed project.
I would also like to thanks Max and Dan for arriving immediately and taking care of the water damage. They did a great job as well.
I would highly recommend your Company.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!

Ada Torres

November 27th, 2011


Thank you so much for your work on our home. You were very professional and completed the job to our satisfaction. You were easy to deal with and we appreciate all. The only down side was the wait to get more tile that had to be ordered but those things sometimes happen.

Our sincere appreication.

Jim and Judy Myre

November 26th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern @ Erickson’s,
I would like to take a moment to say how pleased I am with Erickson’s response to our water emergency. They answered promptly and were quickly on-site to address the problem with our flooded clinic. I found David Beauregard to be very professional and thorough with his inspection and with his recommendations for resolving our water damage. I especially would like to say how pleased I was with Max Esposito. He was on-time, courteous and went above and beyond in dealing with our problem. He worked around our cleaning crew and I am aware that he got up early on several days to be at our clinic at 5:00am to deal with our water damage. His willingness and timeliness to arrive at such an early hour to accommodate our clinic and our patients is very much appreciated. Because of Max and his work ethic we experienced little to no interruption at our clinic in being able to provide life-saving medical treatments for our patients who depend on us for their well being and care.
Great Work!
Steve Hawkins
Area Facility Technical Manager
American Renal Associates
Lehigh Acres & Naples, Florida

November 25th, 2011

Hi John,

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for all your help in restoring my Florida home. I particularly appreciate the extra help you provided in making everything come together for me while I was there….from contacting the plumber to arranging the curtains to be hung. I was thrilled that when I left to come home I could honestly say everything was 100%.

All the people I encountered were very helpful and professional. Pass along a special thanks to Roy as well for all he did while I was there.

I look forward to getting down at Christmas with my family.

Thanks again for your help,

Barb Sovereign

November 21st, 2011

I wanted to drop you a quick not to thank you for all of your help throughout the repair part of my water damaged property. I found everyone to be extremely prof essional and helpful but you got to deal wiht me on a more detail level making sure that all my repairs were completed not only in a timely manor, but also at a top quality level. Even having to call me to let me know that some work was not to your satisfaction was probably not easy, but you wanted to make sure that I got a new looking condo when done, even working around my tennants scedule.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I don’t need you again….. hahaha. But if I do I know I will get a professional job.

Once again, thanks for all your help!

Sharyl Wicks

November 14th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the exemplary services provided by your company and crew during our recent home catastrophe. Several weeks ago, our carpets were cleaned by another company. Shortly thereafter, I developed a severe allergy to the chemical that had been used and developed asthma. We were referred to your company by a friend and very satisfied Erickson customer, and was able to speak to Dave immediately. He was able to assess our home within a few hours and recommended blowing ozone through the home and afterwards using an air scrubber. We explained our homeowners insurance would not cover this claimand he worked diligently to hold down any expense.
Since then, Dave and his team has done everything in their power to remove the chemical irritant from our home to no avail. Ultimately we did have to pull the carpeting and pad. With each step, every member of the team, including Dave, Eric and the emergency crew has been professional, kind, courteous, and extremely supportive.
I will personally recommend your company to anyone I know of that is in need of similar services. Thank you from the bottom of myheart for all your support and professionalism through this very difficult crisis.

Sincerely Yours,
Jenny Clark-king

November 14th, 2011

Dear Christine,
I would like to express to you the positive experience I had working with one of your employees,
Geoff Morree. I found Geoff to be polite, pleasant, helpful, and competent. I will definitely
recommend Erickson’s service to any of my friends or neighbors who find themselves faced with a
water problem. I would further recommend that they ask for Geoff to work with them.
Carolyn Cunningham

November 3rd, 2011

Dear Christine,
I just want to write a note and tell you how well I was treated by Geoff Moore. I had water in several rooms in my home from a washing machine that ran over.
Geoff was always pleasant and explained everything to me.
My neighbor and I both left our homes when he was there, we felt he was so honest.
If i were to grade him I would give him a 10+ I will surely recommend him to my friends.
Yours truly,
Muriel K. Kappler

August 31st, 2011

Thank you.
Dennis and I are so impressed and pleased with Ericksons’ handling of our (small) bedroom flood. David was there in the wee hours of a Sunday morning to reassure us and take control. John and Roy have followed up seamlessly repairing the walls and replacing baseboard and “hooking us up” with the carpet replacement. What was a headache has become manageable and quickly resolved with your expert and efficient involvement.
We thank your for your response, your professionalism and your help.


Karen and Dennis Tarnow

July 27th, 2011

Dear Kenneth and Christine,
Wewantedto say THANK YOU to you and your wonderful staff for all that you did to help us through the very difficult situation that resulted form a bad leak that we had in our apartment. Calling Erickson’s Drying Systems was the best thing we could have ever done. It is rare today to find a company that is professional, reliable and efficient, and everyonethat came to our apt. was caring, helpful and knowledgable. We have already sent individual e-mails to David, Roy andJohn,but we don’t remember the name of the painter, plumber or the carpetinstaller, andwe wantto be sure that they are also recognized for their great service.
As of yesterday everything was completed and ourguest bedroom and master bath vanity look better than new. The best thing weeverdid wascall Erickson’s, andwe wanted to be sure to thank everyone involved in helping us get our apt. back to normal!
Thanks again, andplease feel free to include this letter on your testimonials page. We would recommend your company to anyone!
Best regards,
Tom and Ann Cardamone

July 27th, 2011

We just want to say THANK YOU for doing such a great job during our leak damage problems. We were very stressed out about the damage caused by the leak, but you helped to reassure us that everything was going to be fixed and it helped us get through a very difficult situation.
It is rare these days to find people as dedicated and professional as you, and a company as great as Erickson’s. We never expected the repairs to be done as quickly as they were.
As of yesterday everything has been repaired … new carpet and closet in our guest bedroom, and new vanity in our master bath. Now everything looks better than new and we couldn’t be more pleased.

You have our permission to put this note on the Erickson’s Testimonial page on the website!

Thanks so much.
Warmest regards,

Tom and Ann Cardamone

July 20th, 2011

Mr. Silva,

On behalf of my husband and I, we would like to send our thanks to you and your staff, especially John Dransfield and Max Esposito, for all the hard work done to our home. The level of professionalism and timeliness was above and beyond our expectations. Not to mention the fact that our bathroom and bedrooms look beautiful! We are extremely satisfied with the service provided and would definitely recommend your company!

Thank you again and please extend our gratitude to your staff!


Rachel and Robert Soler

May 9th, 2011

To everyone concerned

My wife and I wish to draw your attention to three outstanding people:
Dave, Roy and your sub Pete. They responded quickly when our condo was flooded and the quality of their supervision and work was excellent

Because of their action, and Roy,s follow-up in particular, we were very pleased that we had called Erickson’s . They are indeed an asset to your organization.

George Douglass

March 25th, 2011

Dear David,
We would liketo thank you for your prompt response to our flooding catastrophe on March 3rd.
Yourcalm demeanor and reassurances that all would be repaired helped us cope with the mess at hand. Your
explanation of the clean-up process as well as being available to take our calls was exceptional.
With gratitude,
Mary Anne Timmins and Joan Williams

March 24th, 2011

To Whom it May Concern,
My wife and I are gettingready to move intoa rental home andwehad Ericksons cleanthe carpet before
making the move. Today Blake came byto do thejob at exactly the scheduled time. Wewanted to write a quick
letterof appreciation not only highlighting his hard workbut also his flexibility with us as customers. He went
the extra mile to help us feel good about ourcarpet being cleaned. Because ofworkers like Blake wewill
definitely choose Ericksons again ifwe have the need.
Please pass on our appreciation to him.
Brad Livermon

February 25th, 2011

I simply cannot express how happy I am with the job that Blake Curran did at my home.
I met Blake at my home to try and figure out the odor problem Iwas having in my great room. I had just recently
purchased the home and even with painting and sanitizing the duct work could not get rid of or identify the odor in this
room. The carpet was very old (at least 10 years old) dirty and worn looking. I spoke to him just prior to entering the
home so he knew what we’d be up against.
He immediately identified the odor for cigarette smoke. The past owner did smoke. I was afraid it may be a mold issue
since the a/c unit I replaced had heavy mold on the coils and she had also been using a window a/c unit instead of the
central air.
He suggested a deep scrub along with deodorizing. He then told me that for a little more money, he could also dye the
carpet and help restore the very badly sunlight damaged areas. The economical cost of the service along with cleaning
my bedroom carpet prompted me to ask him about cleaning my tile grout, which I then decided was worth the extra
I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful my carpet and tile look. Mycarpet and tile look brand new. I never thought
with the age of the carpet that it could be brought back to that state. The carpet pile is raised and even looking along with
the coloring, it truly looks brand new. Blake did a fantastic job and obviously took the time and effort needed to make it so
nice, this was clearly not a 10 minute cleaning job that I have had done in the past from other companies.
I will always use and recommend your company to anyone that needs your service. The company I work for deals with
septic systems and we have our share of calls that the owners tell me the toliets overflowed and flooded
everything. Because of the types of services you provide, I will do my best to try and send any customers that have water
damaged related issues your way.
Keep up the good work I!
Diane Honas

February 23rd, 2011

I would like to report on the outstanding service your agent, Roy, provided to me in response to a call for repairs in a condo I was in the process of selling last month. Roy tackled the problems with the outmost of skill and completed the job in a very timely way which was important to me because I had to catch a flight to Pittsburgh the next day.
I appreciate his good service.

Winifred A. Schano

February 23rd, 2011

I want to take this opportunity to thank Chad for his qucik response to my unit distress caused by the unit above
me. Being 1059 miles away, I felt comfortable and complete confidence in Chad’s work. He kept me informed
every day at a minimum as to the status. I ca nonly say, andthis is the highest compliment i can provide. You
are fortunate that the company I work for does not have an office in Fort Myers. If so, Chad would at the top of
my list to recruit. I can teach him my trade, but I can not teach the level of customer service and dedication he
has shown. Chad is the main factor for me to accept a proposal from your firm to but the unit back in place, not
the same, but better than the original. Chad has set the bar high and my expectations will be at that level as we
move forward.
Please share this e-mail with Chad. PS tell his wife to give him a hug. I know he has worked late, but I am truls
Bill Marois

February 14th, 2011

Dear Ms. Erickson:
Please accept my appreciation for Erickson’s Drying Systems’ continued support of Moffitt Cancer Center. We received your recent generous donation of $6,000 as the Maui Jim Sunglasses Premium Gift Sponsor for the Tenth Annual Skanska Moffitt Classic held in September 2010. We have enjoyed remarkable growth since our doors opened in 1986 due in large part to your support and that of other thoughtful individuals and companies. Moffitt marks a very important anniversary this year – 25 years committed to one mission: to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. From the beginning, our sights have been set on fighting this disease and finding new resources and hope for cancer survivors. Today, Moffitt is the only Florida-based National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center, but its focus on translational research has had an international impact. Moffitt is at the forefront of developing personalized medicine with its commitment to Total Cancer Care™. This ambitious, patient-focused approach to treating and preventing cancer identifies the needs of patients and their families, creates an approach to meet those needs and uses science to intervene and help prevent the need before it develops. We are working tirelessly to ensure that all patients – in the Tampa Bay community, throughout Florida and beyond – have increased access to cutting-edge clinical trials that focus on the prevention and treatment of cancer. On behalf of everyone at Moffitt, thank you for helping us to achieve this goal.
Best regards
William S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D.

February 8th, 2011

I wanted to write and let you know how extremely satisfied I was with the way in which my condo being restored to its original condition was taken care of and handled. What a sigh of relief to have been dealing with professionals who truly knew what they were doing.

From the first day the project manager Mr. Silva entered my home and surveyed what needed to be accomplished, not a minute was wasted. That very afternoon some of his workmen were here on the job. That continued for four days until ALL phases of my restoration were completed. In this day and age …. I feel fortunate to have selected your company.

Thank you for your attention to my job.

Marie Anne Nelson

January 21st, 2011

Dear Kenny,
Just a note to thank you for the great job your company did for us.  The work was done quickly and efficiently.  Your project manager Roy, needs a thank you also for always being there when we had questions or needed something done.  You have a great team working for you.

Again thank you for the professional job that your company did.

Bill & Cheryl Chviek

December 10th, 2010

This is just a short note to express my appreciation and thanks for the excellent job you did overseeing the remodeling of my kitchen after a pipe leak in the ceiling caused such damage. Your help in dealing with the insurance adjusters was invaluable. and you were always available to answer my questions. I know you made a special effort to get the job completed in time for my family’s visit at Thanksgiving.

I was very impressed with the quality of the work done by David on water, Paul Stein on plumbing, Peter on carpentry, plus the electricians and the last crew sent for the vinyl work. Special mention should go to Roy for his supervision on site and to Alecia at Cabinets Plus for all of her help and suggestions. The cabinets are wonderful.

Everyone who worked on this project was very polite.


Barbara Bonthron

December 5, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is way over due and it needed to be written before it goes by the way side and is forgotten. With all of the problems in our home I just did not get around to it. So please forgive the tardiness as I will try an accomplish this well deserved letter.

On Oct. 27th, 2010 at 7pm we came home to a major disaster in our home due to a pipe which broke under our sink. This flood was ankle high deep and went throughout our home reaching 7 of 10 rooms. We attempted to use Wet Vac but we were at a disadvantage due to the enormous amount of water in the house.

We immediately called the plumber and he in turn called your company. I thank the man upstairs because he sent on angels wings to our home a wonderful man by the name of David Beauregard. Never before experiencing something like this, he put us at ease right from the start. He came in out home with many machines which all looked like would be used at a construction site. He stayed for many hours that night by assured me that he would not leave until the major water was gone and he then would be back the next day to assess the damage properly.

Upon doing so, David assessed this was a major disaster. He took great pains with us, answered all of our concerns which was many as you may imagine. My husband has major health problems and is on oxygen 24×7 and I have serious health conditions as well. He took this in consideration in how to handle the cleanup. Extra pains went into his assessment of this claim. We did not need this extra stress added to our life but accidents happen and we have to deal with them when they arise in life. Just knowing that there is a company out there with the knowledge of how to deal with incidents like ours is a God sent.

We saw David for 9 days straight with all of the machines. It sounded like a factory in our home 24 hours a day and it was very stressful. David introduced us to John Dransfield, who is a Restoration Manger. He now would handle the claim for us and all repairs to the home which are many. So we would not be dealing with David any longer and now we deal with John and Roy.

Up to now with this company we feel so grateful in how everything is being handled. You employ wonderful people who are sensitive to our needs and wants. So far David, John and Roy are assets to this company and we are thankful you hired such kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and respectful people in your employ.

Our repairs is just beginning due to the insurance holdup, but we are sure, how so far everything has been handled til now, we will have a wonderful experience with your company & no problems. God willing our life can get back to normal. What ever normal is for us.

Thanking you again and may all of the staff have a Blessed Holiday Season…

Charles and Doreen Monahan

Monday, November 15th, 2010


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team particularly Yudiel for the outstanding job, professionalism and great customer services. Yudiel reviewed my needs and expectations, reviewed what he was going to do step by step, had be survey a few issues such as traffic patterns and advised he would work them a bit harder to bring the carpet back. He then asked if I would review the final w2ork and recapped what he did and if it met my expectations… it did. Yudiel went over the paperwork with me and explained the charges, he then asked if I had questions and thanked me for my business. I was very appreciative of his professionalism and his outstanding customer service.

Please share this with Yudiel and know we will be recommending Erickson’s as well as Yudiel to anyone who needs any of your services. Thank you again for your time. I respectfully ask you place a copy in his file for review.

Michael Luyster
Area Sales Manager, GE Appliances

Mr. Erickson:

Chad has been more than helpful, respectful, and has made a difficult experience (flooding) an easy transition. He is an asset to the company. Thus far, my experience with Erickson’s has been a positive experience. It is great to deal with such a positive company and professional organization.

Thank you,
Meg and Louis Traina

August 19, 2010

Dear Angela:

I am writing to thank Dave Beauregard and Gary Dunn and all of Erickson’s for the excellent service they provided to me during the ordeal of my water damage claim beginning on July 26th, 2010 at my home in Laguna Lakes in South Fort Myers, When I came downstairs and saw the water seeping out of the washing machine, my first thought was to call Erickson’s. Back in 2005 when I had water damage to my master bedroom because of hurricane Wilma, Erickson’s was there to help me through that claim providing professional, quick, quality, and outstanding service.

When Dave arrived with the fans within an hour of the damage it was very calming to know that the water would be cleaned up so no further damage would occur.

Dave was great and so wonderful during this upsetting time. He came back the following days to check on everything and always arrived on time. I felt very comfortable knowing that he was taking care of the water damage.

Gary was another great person assisting me with the claim. He arrived and quickly wrote up the damage report. Gary always answered his phone to answer any questions I had. He set up the times for the work to be done so as to make it at a time convenient to my schedule but in a timely manner. I appreciated the fact that the laundry room was done on a Saturday so a new washer and dryer could be delivered the following Monday.

I was so thankful I was able to work with Dave and Gary. I would definitely call Erickson’s again (hope I do not have to) and I would highly refer my friends and business associates to your company.

Thanks again to all at Erickson’s for all their assistance.

Kindest Regards,
Mary Louise Chiappetta
Suite Life Magazine

September 4, 2009

Dear Ken & Christine,

May 8, 2009 will probably go down as the worst day that my wife, Ceil, and I have spent in our ten years living in Florida. The landscaping company here at Legend’s Golf and Country Club broke our outside water faucet. This accident was not reported and I came home two hours later to almost two inches of water throughout the entire house.

Not knowing who to call, we checked the yellow pages and your advertising jingle brought us to you. Within one hour Geoff Moore arrived at our house and began working to extract the water. Geoff put us at ease through the drying process and the initial demolition work. He was professional, efficient and very knowledgeable about what was happening and the upcoming process we would be living through.

Then came John Dransfield and his crew, Max, Adam and Rob. They were a pleasure to work with over the entire 15-week process. These men were always professional and courteous. They expertly coordinated many subcontractors from tile work to mirror replacement to cabinet repair. John even helped us understand the insurance process. Everything came out beautifully. It was a trying time for us, especially being moved out of our home for 8 weeks, but John, Max, Adam and Rob made it a little more bearable.

One subcontractor used was Flooring America, specifically Travis Carlson and his father Al. We were very impressed with their knowledge and customer service. Their tile crew was outstanding and did a wonderful job taking up the old tile and laying the new. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Ceil and I really appreciate all the hard work and effort that Erickson’s put into making our house even better than before the accident. The knowledge, service, and professionalism is much appreciated.

Thank you all for being there for us!!!!


Joe & Ceil Caulfield

July 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Erickson,

I would like to take this opportunity to commend all of your employees. The first person I met was David Beauregard at 2:00 AM Friday March 13, 2009. When I had called the local number, John Dransfield said he was sending someone right out. David called me several times before he got here to assure me he was on his way. After David’s arrival, he began right away and worked steadily by himself until helped arrived around 8am.

David said Erickson’s was a full service company and they could do all the repairs if I so wished. Like most people, I did not want to deal with contractors.

By noon, David and Adam had removed most of the flooring and all the baseboards and my husband and I were ready to move into a motel for 3 Days. David continued to keep me informed as to the progress and what the next step would be.

I have nothing but praise for David and how he handled the situation.

Next John came and we setup for all the repairs to be done by Erickson’s. We had to vacate the house for a month for all this to be done. My husband is a kidney dialysis patient and is on a breathing machine and oxygen. We probably would have been able to stay longer but my husband would not have been able to handle the fumes.

We would stop by and Max and Adam kept things moving along. They did a super job of painting and prepping and were very accommodating.

I have nothing but good words for Erickson’s and have told many friends about your company and employees.


Audrey B. Stamara

March 5, 2009

Hello Kenny Erickson,

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful job that David Beauregard did drying up the water at my condo on Valen Way.  What service!  I had thought good service had disappeared but David showed me that it still lives at Ericksons Drying Systems.  He seemed to know what I was going through and kept me informed about each thing along the way.  Doctors could learn a thing or two from him.  Thank you for such excellent service and a great job!


Laurie Heaver

January 23, 2008

Dear Mrs. Erickson:

Thank you for your expedient response to my emergency call on January 23, 2008, regarding the water heater failure in my home and subsequent flow into my bedrooms, closets, and dressing room.

Additionally, I appreciate your sending your technician, Mr. Jeff Moore, to assess the problem, address its solution, and most efficiently and effectively accomplish the task .. My Wife and I feel very fortunate that Mr. Moore was selected by you, for besides observing his obvious professional competence In carrying out his duties, we were able to determine that he is most trustworthy and one that we could, If necessary, leave alone In my home with complete confidence and freedom of concern. That statement of confidence in Mr. Moore should be regarded as most complimentary because we are very wary and selective of whom we invite Into our home. Mr. Moore’s communicative skills are excellent, exemplified by his ability to discuss the process from extraction, drying, damage removal, and recovery in easily understood language and descriptions, backed by his ability to answer our questions thoroughly.

I think that you should regard Mr. Moore as a very positive ambassador for your firm, as I am certain that you, in fact, do.

Thank you again for your ongoing assistance.


E. Lee Bohannon

October 27, 2004

Dear Ken & Christine:

It has now been 10 weeks since Hurricane Charley tore through our multi-condominium association consisting of 264 units of which 60 units were seriously affected by rain & water intrusion.
Immediately following the storm I tried to contact several water extraction drying companies for emergency assistance only to get their recorded message to leave my number and they would return my call. I’m still waiting for some of them to call as of this date.

Your Company had the most assuring message of all stating. that ”we have the man Power and the equipment availability to handle your needs and you will be placed on our list and contacted as soon as possible.” Christine contacted me immediately from out state and sent their job foreman Glen Spillinan out on site that same day. The next day an additional 5 drying trucks were on-site extracting water and removing carpet padding.

Amazingly, that same day hundreds of air movers and de-humidifiers arrived on-site by a dedicated gentleman that drove all night straight through from Indiana. The equipment was immediately put in operation in attempt to minimize and control further mold damage to the building structure & unit owners’ furnishings.

In the time consuming and complex manner of unit access performing the “dry-out” and ”tear-out” of the 60 affected units, it is most refreshing to find a company demonstrating a professional dedication far beyond the normal “run of the mill” business practice and procedure found in most companies these days.

Words cannot express our appreciation regarding your willingness to work with us for a minimum financial amount pending payment receipt from our insurance carrier. A local company like yours is truly a treasure to find and will not be forgotten by this association in the future and are confident that your company will have great future success by the way you have serviced our, association and residents.


Stephen McClure, C.A.M

24 HR Water Removal