Water Damage


Water damage can set you back badly if you were not prepared for it. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are covered against such matters. While you can get water damage insurance, certain scenarios will not be covered by your insurance. To help you with this, here is everything you need to know about water damage insurance.

What is Water Damage Insurance?

Water damage is insurance money that is paid out when your house is affected by water damage. It helps deal with the pairs. While companies like Erickson’s Drying come in and help restore your home, insurance companies ensure there are enough funds for the home restoration.

Situations Where Water Damage Insurance Works

There are situations where insurance companies will pay for the damages caused to your home. Here are the situations when your insurance will pay for your water damage:

Accidental leaks- Insurance will take care of leaks from pipes and broken washers that cause water damage.

Burst pipes- Water damage from burst pipes due to frozen pipes and any other incident will be covered

Damage from fires- If the water was used to put out a fire and caused damage to your property, the damage will be insured.

Roof leaks- If there was water damage to the interior of your house because of a roof leak, that would be catered to by insurance. The only thing you need to ensure is the leak was not caused by a fallen tree or a caved-in roof that was not fixed.

Water damage from storms like heavy and sudden rain,

Ice dam- Insurance will cover ice dams built in your gutter in cold months. If these ice dams result from neglect, you will not get them fixed.

Situations When Water Damage Will Not be Covered by Insurance

There are also times when your insurance will not work for water damage. Knowing about these will help you be careful with the care you give your home and figure out when you can rely on insurance and when to deal with it independently. Here are the situations where insurance will not cover water damage:

Flood damage. Any damage caused by extreme flooding will not be covered

Water damage is caused by negligence or lack of maintenance. If your home gets water damaged because you did not fix leaks when they occurred or did not carry out regular checks, then this will not be covered

Damage for intentional acts. If you set your ho on fire or turn off the heat in winter, then you will not be compensated for whatever damage

Water damage from backup sewer lines. You need to get a proper cover for that

Cost of repairing source. No compensation will be given for a broken heater or washer

Knowing what is covered in water damage will ensure you stay vigilant for your home. Ensure you look after everything, and that way, in case of an issue, you will be compensated. If you have water damage in your home, contact the experts at Erickson’s Drying.

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